The lawyer cited an email signed and submitted

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The lawyer cited an email signed and submitted

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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, July 14 (Xinhua) -- A group of Chinese villagers at a court in Amersterdam on Friday demanded that a collector reveal the identity of the individual from whom he bought a purportedly stolen Buddha statue , saying the figure must be returned to its rightful temple in China.

The Buddha statue with an intact mummified body inside was bought by Amsterdam collector Oscar van Overeem in 1996, who now claims to have swapped with another buyer for several Buddhist art objects.

Villagers in China's southeastern province of Fujian recognized it as their stolen Zhang Gong statue when the statue was on exhibition in Hungary in March 2015.

Van Overeem agreed that the Buddha comes from the province of Fujian, but insisted that it is not the statue stolen from the villagers' temple.

He once agreed to return it if his conditions were met. When negotiations failed, the villagers filed a lawsuit against him in the Dutch court.


At the hearing , van Overeem stated that the new holder of the statue is a "collector-investor-intermediary," who "is aware of the mummy controversy and political sensitivities and prefers to remain anonymous."

When asked to disclose the name of the new holder, or email exchanges that reflect the negotiation of the deal and the conditions under which there was an exchange, the Dutch collector refused.

Under the Dutch Civil Code , such an agreement is contrary to good morals, and is an affront to decency and public order, therefore is void, Dutch lawyer Jan Holthuis representing the Chinese villagers told the court.

The lawyer cited an email signed and submitted by Van Overeem as proof which states that the Dutch collector reached this agreement when he learned that the villagers hired lawyers to take legal action in the Netherlands.

"By taking the statue away , the collector caused a presumption of a fraudulent act, namely preventing the enforcement of a claim to return Zhang Gong, if the court would so decide," commented Holthuis.

Two weeks ago , the villagers filed a demand asking the court to require the defendant to disclose the identity of the new holder.

Van Overeem asked the court to dismiss the demand by the villagers immediately on formal grounds. But the judge refused and ordered him to submit a statement to challenge the claim within six weeks.

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